You’ve Made It. Welcome.

You’ve Made It. Welcome.

You’ve finally made it to lowsmok’n! While this world is full of people who like to dust off their barbecues to burn a piece meat every other weekend, this community is not for them. lowsmok’n is the digital home for anything and everything related to smoking. Our community is for people who see barbecue smoking not only as a hobby, but a craft. We built this space for people who live and breathe smoking, figuratively that is. Don’t inhale the smoke.

We want to showcase the dedicated pitmasters who are tinkering with their rigs, experimenting with flavours, and biding their time. Because we know the best things comes to those who wait.

So subscribe, follow this page and join us as we delve into the world of oxygen and heat and all its wonderful flavours. You can expect interviews with veterans, reviews of the latest technology to accompany your cooks, and mouth-watering recipes to try next time you’re at the helm of your smoker.

The alchemy behind the combination of woods, charcoals and unassuming spices is an undertaking. While mastering all these elements takes time, the practice is so darn tasty.

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