Shipping & Terms

Terms and conditions of sale with Lowsmok’n Internet Sales

All prices shown are in Australian Dollars and include GST.

Freight Charges Overview
Freight status is determined automatically based on the postcode contained in the
“Shipping Address” field in the Checkout area of the Lowsmok’n website.
For delivery outside the Qualifying Shipping Zones, freight cannot be determined at the time
of the transaction. You may still place your order which we will be put on hold until we can
contact you by email or telephone, so you can approve the freight quotation for your order.

Shipping Options

Shipping options available at Checkout:

1. Delivery by Lowsmok’n
This option is automatically selected when the postcode contained in the “Shipping
Address” field falls within the Qualifying Shipping Zones areas.

2. Freight cannot be determined
This option is automatically selected when the postcode contained in the “Shipping
Address” field falls outside the Standard Freight Charge amount in the Qualifying Shipping
Zones areas. This means that freight cannot be determined at the time of the transaction.
However, you may still place your order which we will be put on hold until we can contact
you by email or telephone, so you can approve the freight quotation for your order with a
suitable offline payment method prior to shipping or pick up of the goods.

3. Pick up
This option is available to the customer that which to collect their order from our warehouse.
An email will be sent to you advising when your order is ready for collection. This email will
include how to collect your order and the identification required at pick up.

4. Ex-Works (customer to organise freight)
This option is available to the customer that which to organise their own freight from our
warehouse. An email will be sent to you advising when your order is ready for collection. It
is the customer responsibility to ensure is provided with fully detailed shipping
documentation prior to courier attending our warehouse.


Payment Methods

Payment Methods available at Checkout:

1. Credit card online

2. PayPal online processing

3. Lay-By (via Afterpay & Zip Pay Buy now, take now, pay later. Conditions may apply)
Note: Funds must be cleared before orders are released for delivery or pick up. Stock Availability

Our aim is to hold stock or have immediate access to most of the lines available for sale on
the Lowsmok’n website. We will advise by email or telephone any stock shortages, non-
availability or any unexpected delays. In some cases, an alternative (available ex stock) may
be offered.

Orders will be despatched within five (5) to seven (7) working days of receipt of order and
payment or you will be contacted.

Privacy Statement
All personal details are strictly confidential and are not available to any third party under
any circumstances. This is a secure site and any credit card details provided on this site are
encrypted and secured.

All information in this on-line catalogue has been presented in good faith. We have
endeavoured to provide specifications which we believe to be correct at the time of entry.
Lowsmok’n or its suppliers, distributors and service providers accept no responsibility for
omissions or errors that may have occurred. All brands and logos are registered trademarks
and are subject to copyright.

Returns Policy
Goods may be returned for credit or exchange under the following conditions:

– You must contact Lowsmok’n by telephone, fax or email to arrange for return.
Returns (or notice of intention to return) will only be accepted within Seven (7) days
of receipt of goods.

– Items must be in as new condition in their original undamaged packaging.
Lowsmok’n reserves the right to refuse the return of any goods if they appear used
or are damaged in any way.

The original Lowsmok’n invoice/receipt supplied with the goods must be produced for verification.

– Delivery charges will not be refunded.
– A 15% restocking / handling fee may be charged on some items
– Goods can be returned or exchanged personally at any Lowsmok’n locations or
returned by carrier freight prepaid by you. See Locations for details of our offices.
– Goods must be securely packed to avoid damage during return.
– Only faulty manufacturer items will be considered for credit or exchange.
– Damage to goods in transit will not be accepted for return or replacement.
Damaged Goods

All products are sold as seen. We check all goods prior to shipment. Lowsmok’n takes no
responsibility or liability for damage to goods in transit as this is the responsibility of the
carrier or delivery agent. If you have received faulty or damaged manufactured goods, you must advise
by phone, fax or email within two (2) days of receipt otherwise your request for return or exchange will not be considered or accepted.

Terms & Conditions of Sale Lowsmok’n General

1. No conditions or warranties apply or are given unless expressly hereinafter set out
and all conditions and warranties implied by statute or otherwise are hereby
expressly excluded.

2. All prices are subject to change without notice but if quoted such quotes shall stand
for fourteen (14) days unless otherwise stated in writing.

3. Subject to paragraph 12 of these terms and conditions the property in all goods shall
pass to the purchaser upon delivery to a carrier or upon despatch from the seller's
premises if no carrier is involved and in any event risk shall pass at the point of time
irrespective of whether freight or despatch charges are paid by the purchaser or not.

4. No variation of an order after date of invoice shall affect the liability of the purchaser
unless the written consent of the seller is first had and obtained.

5. Delay in shipment or delivery due to any reason whatsoever whether beyond the
control of the seller or not shall not give rise to any claim for cancellation or
consequential damages.

6. Goods are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials. No
warranty is given as to fitness or suitability for any specific application or use. All
warranties and conditions implied by law are hereby expressly negatived. The seller
disclaims all liability for any consequential loss or damages.

7. Goods defective in workmanship or materials will be replaced free of charge if
delivered to the seller warehouse carriage paid within fourteen (14) days of goods
being delivered to the purchaser. In the case of faulty goods not manufactured by
the seller, the purchaser is entitled only to such benefits as the seller receives from
the supplier.

8. Where the goods sold to the purchaser are plans drawings specifications and or
associated schedules and details no responsibility is accepted by the seller for any
errors or omissions on or in relation to the said plans drawings specifications and or

9. associated schedules and details supplied by the seller nor for misconstruction or
misinterpretation thereof during subsequent manufacture or construction.

10. The purchaser shall indemnify the seller against any claim against the seller for any
breach of a Registered Design, Letters Patent, Trade Mark or any copyright or other
similar matter or thing arising from the use by the purchaser of the seller’s goods
whether the purchaser modifies or otherwise deals with the goods or not.

11. Any property lodged with the seller in relation to a purchase shall be stored by the
seller at the depositor’s risk and no responsibility for the same is or will be accepted
by the seller.

12. The giving or issuing of an order for goods by the purchaser to the seller shall be
deemed to be an acceptance of these conditions.

13. Title to all goods sold and delivered to the customer shall remain with the supplier
and will not pass to the customer until all monies due from the customer to the
supplier are paid. If the said goods or any part thereof are sold by the customer on
credit terms and there remains monies due by the customer to the supplier, then
any debt due to the customer shall be the property of the supplier (to the extent of
the debt due from the customer to the supplier). The supplier shall have full
authority to direct payment of such debt as if the supplier were the customer in
relationship to the party to whom the goods have been sold. That the supplier has
the right to collect from a sub-purchaser the proceeds of sale of the goods originally
supplied or of the new goods with which they have been mixed or incorporated.

14. All differences arising out of this agreement shall be referred to the decision of an
Arbitrator to be appointed in writing by each of the parties within fourteen days
after having been required in writing so to do by either of the parties, or in case the
Arbitrators do not agree, of an Umpire appointed in writing by the Arbitrators before
entering upon the conference. The Umpire shall sit with the Arbitrators and preside
at their meetings. The making of an award shall, subject to any relevant statutory
provision to the contrary, be a condition precedent to any right of action against the
seller, but if such action be not commenced within six months of the making of an
award the right of action shall be deemed to be abandoned and released. After the
expiration of six months of the accrual of the cause of action the seller shall not be
liable in respect of any claim therefore unless such claim shall in the meantime have
been referred to arbitration. Notwithstanding anything herein before contained the
seller shall not be in any way prejudiced from acting against a purchaser for non-
payment of any amount due under this agreement.

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