Rubs and Sauces equal Marinades.

Rubs and Sauces equal Marinades.

Regardless what you call it, rubs and sauces are very much the same, they are a marinade commonly used to add aroma and flavours to foods and helps to tenderize tougher cuts of meats.

The marinade needs to complement the food as such their application will depend on the type of food your cooking and the flavours you want to achieve. Just like wines, the rule of thumb is white wine compliments white meats such as seafoods, fish and poultry, red wines for red meats and a good Rose goes with any kind of foods, as for beers well that goes with just about any foods except sweets.
At Lowsmok’n we have a vast range of rubs, sauces and cook books to help you make that special marinade.

Preparing your food well in advance will give it more flavours and taste, therefore it is recommended when preparing meats, you do so 24 hours before cooking to give the meat (red or white) time to absorb all the flavours and aromas of your marinade.
Rubs are a collection or combination of dry ingredients such as herbs and spices to create a dry form of marinade that adds a succulent taste to smoked meats.

Smoking gives food a distinctive delicious flavour, this surprisingly versatile cooking method expands the creative chef’s and home cook menu with endless new and innovative ways to prepare dishes.

Meats, poultry, game or fish can be marinated to enhance flavour. You can rub meats with dry rubs, herbs, spices or flavoured oils, an enormous array of foods can be smoked producing stunning dishes with very little effort.

Some marinade suggestion for smoking:
Tuna steaks: Marinade in Asian flavours of sesame oil, soy sauce and cherry
Pork fillets: Rubbed with ginger, orange rind and brushed with maple syrup
Mussels: Brushed with lemon rind and chilli oil
Lamb Cutlets: Marinated in virgin olive oil, lemon, oregano and black pepper. The same marinade can be used for a whole leg or rack of lamb
Onion and Tomatoes: to be used in winter soups
Scallops: Lightly smoked then served with mango, mixed greens, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and your favourite dressing.

Cooking is and should be fun, everyone has different ideas and taste buds, what appeals to one may not appeal to someone else, so do not be afraid to experiment and trying new flavours whether your cooking meats, fish or salads.

For me cooking is my time away from the real world, nothing beats having a good glass of wine and cook my favourite foods after a long day at work or on weekends surrounded by family and friends.

The only advise I can give you is always be respectful of the food you are cooking, think of what ingredients, rubs sauces complement or enhance the flavour of the foods you are preparing. I have seen some people destroy a good piece of meat by adding the wrong marinade. If you are in doubt seek help, there are plenty of people willing to help if you ask.

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Enjoy foods don’t destroy it!
Bon Appetit

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